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Unitech Power Transmission Limited Unitech Power Transmission Limited Unitech Power Transmission Limited Unitech Power Transmission Limited Unitech Power Transmission Limited
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In Libya, our company Unitech Limited is registered with all the concerned ministries that include Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Planning and Ministry of Economy. Besides these authorities, we are also registered with National Oil Companies and the apex Chamber of Commerce – the national representative body of Libya.

Since, we commenced our operations in Great Jamahiriya, over three decades back, we have successfully completed prestigious Civil & Electrical projects and received accolades from our revered clients. To name a few, our major clients include the following:

We also had the opportunity to work for global giants like Siemens, Inbensa-Cobra etc, who entrusted us with the task of completing mega power projects involving the construction of transmission lines and electrical sub-station projects.

Today, we boast of an impeccable track record of performance as we have completed all the projects within the schedule and at times, in extreme conditions of adversity. So far, we have undertaken projects covering almost all the areas of civil construction – be it Real Estate Development, Residential Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Mosques, Administration Buildings, Water Reservoirs, and Airport Pavements to name a few.

Additionally, in the power sector, we have varied experience of setting up Transmitter Stations, Electrical Sub-Stations and Transmission Hi-Lines of 400 KV, 220 KV, 66 KV, 30 KV and 11 KV.

Projects Executed
Have a glance of our major projects, which we have completed in record times.
Transmission Line Projects
More than 1000 km of 220 kV transmission lines have been erected and commissioned by us in various parts of Libya. We have also completed more than 500 km of 66 kV transmission line and erected 11kV and 33kV High-line. Also we have completed 200km of 200KV transmission line.
Airport Projects
In collaboration with International Airports Authority of India (IAAI), we have the honour to build up the Airports in the Desert of Sahara, Ghat & Brak. We have finished the Airfield project including Air Strip and others as per the requisite standards and to the utmost satisfaction of the clients.
Oil and Gas Sector
We are involved to a great extent in the oil and gas sector in Libya. The major works are turnkey projects for Engineering, Installation and Commissioning of high lines including sub stations, installation of CP rectifier sub stations, installation and commissioning of turbo generators.

We have also executed civil projects like design, supply and erection of housing blocks, Electrical Control Buildings, Foundation for Pumps, Sewage Treatment Plants, Water Tanks and Reservoirs besides Sub stations etc.
Civil Projects
We have completed a variety of civil projects under different Govt Departments of Libya. The major achievements are construction of two International Airports, Deluxe/Residential Apartments, Schools, Agriculture Markets, Super Markets, Hospital Buildings, Administrative Buildings, Mosques, Water Treatment Plants etc.

Unitech Power Transmission Limited Unitech Power Transmission Limited

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